01. Make sure you [review] your vocabulary for the test tomorrow.
02. The government has ordered a [review] of its aid package to the region, in response to the human rights abuses.
03. He wrote a short [review] of the play for the local paper.
04. Their latest CD has received excellent [reviews] in all the music magazines.
05. After a six-month [review] of the program, analysts have come up with a number of recommendations for improving the system.
06. The American President is again in the Pacific Rim to [review] the impact of Asian imports on the U.S. economy.
07. You and I should sit down together sometime to [review] your progress in the course so far this session.
08. The software program has received favorable [reviews] in a number of different journals.
09. She has written a couple of articles for the Northern Poetry [Review].
10. She never reads the [reviews] after she has done a film because she doesn't value the opinions of most of the critics.
11. [Reviewers] in a number of newspapers have included the film amongst the worst of the year.
12. The students were asked to [review] a book or film they had recently read or seen.
13. The [reviews] of the movie have been pretty negative, so I don't think I want to pay $10 to see it.
14. We have [reviewed] your application for a loan, and regret to inform you that we cannot lend you the amount you have requested.
15. You will need to [review] chapters 1 to 4 for next week's exam.
16. William Given once advised, "When possible make the decisions now, even if action is in the future. A [reviewed] decision usually is better than one reached at the last moment."

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